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  • This is our oldest reciepe . My  grandpa use to say it use to rain when he starts process of mixing dough. Purity of ingredients is at par with this.Made with 100% Purest Sandalwood powder along with other ingredients like patchouli mint oil,loban,Raal Powder ,Halmadi and some of ingredients used which gives feeling of deep primeval forest fragrance.Its soothing , soft and calming aroma makes it unique .We dont know how much we make this as this most of the ingredients are hard to get .. I am just lucky as some of this ingredients passed on to me from my old generation.15gm comes in pack handrolled with sandalwood powder used as coating. This doesnt also will bother you even if you have allergies. Enjoy till I can make this :)

    Bhu Champa

    $4.99 Regular Price
    $3.99Sale Price

    15% above 50$

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