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  • This is made in Heena based 15gm handrolled . When we make dough mix of charcoal and halmadi we put heena infused oil along with touch of Jasmine. But Heena content is more with hint of Jasmine. But this will be more on eathier side. We also need to add honey for that sweet fragrance and to burn charcoal slower. It took long time for us to balance charcoal which burns quicker but absorb heena fragrance with honey to get it burning at right pace. I am so glad I finally got to it. Fragrance will be littlebit on heavier side initially but then its spreads and become much lighter and pleasant.This is best as freshner as spread takes over all odors with natural aroma. Love of Heena for sure !

    Velvet Elixir


    15% above 50$

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