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Welcome to The Pure Incense Co. 

We strive to provide best quality, hand made incense sticks and related products. We are third generation of incense manufacturers and create incense in traditional way. Our aim is to make everyday rituals pleasant for you, whether it be for religious purpose, meditation or aromatherapy, we have it all covered. We are family grown and directly serving you locally and not through distributors.

Herbal Incense Sticks
Herbal Incense sticks
Dhoop Sticks
Herbal Incense Sticks
Dhoop Cones

We are family-owned brand that takes pride in creating handmade and hand rolled incense sticks for 3 generations with love and care. Our aim is to bring best quality fragrances into your life with a hope to brighten your rituals – may it be religious, relaxation, meditation or for aromatherapy. We want our fragrances to be companion of your day to day which covers every mood and occasion. . We are small business local vendor in Northeast. We are always available online and sell in USA / Canada through our local retail partners. We always looking for Retail local natural stores to spread the fragrance.

 Our Bestsellers 

Image by Paul Milasan
Aroma Incense
Incense sticks
Deep Fragranced Incence Sticks
Incense sticks are a great way to add fragrant aromas to your home. Our incense sticks are made with the finest ingredients, releasing natural scents that can help you relax and unwind. We offer a wide selection of incense sticks in a variety of fragrances, including floral, woody, and citrus. Whether you're looking for long-lasting scents or just a quick burst of aroma, we have the perfect incense stick for you. Our incense sticks are easy to use and make a great addition to any home. Shop our selection today and create a calming atmosphere in your space.
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