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About Us

We are women led local business in US that strives to provide best quality, handmade incense sticks and related products. We are the third generation of incense manufacturers and create incense in the traditional manner. Our aim is to make everyday rituals pleasant for you, whether it be for religious purpose, meditation, or aromatherapy, we have it all covered. We do want to be close to our customer so our products are not through any distributors. Also we do perform workshops in US  to be transparent in process and makings.
Creating fragrance is an art and having done handmade elevates the final product to a different level. We start the process by sourcing best quality ingredients, blending them in right proportions and then mixing the dough with hand. Once the dough is ready, we have women artisans who roll the incense by hand and let me tell you, it is very therapeutic to even watch them do it. Final step is to air dry the sticks and they are ready to be packed & used.
It's been said that incense sticks have been in use for more than 6000 years and are believed to purify the mind via the olfactory sense. We strive to help our customers experience this science. For us your health and quality are always first. So, we use the finest natural ingredients. We take pride in our products and work cautiously to avoid any toxicity. Incense has been a part of our life for 3 generations now, spreading fragrance in all the spaces we live and work.  As it is part of our life, we want to make sure it becomes part of your space too, giving all the benefits that comes with it. We are a small business, so we listen to our customers. Always open to adapt to their feedback as much as possible. We have many SKUs which are made with Ghee, Pure Sandalwood, Ud, Clove oil and a lot of other herbs that make them unique and pleasant.
Our latest addition to our product suit is the cow ghee candle (no wax certified). We are proudly manufacturing them as we understand unlike wax ghee provides medicinal benefits and are best for yoga, meditation, or any spiritual activity. In vedic culture, lighting a lamp or a candle with ghee was an everyday ritual as it would have a calming and peaceful effect on mind – the ghee lit wick emits divine frequencies that can fill our home with happiness and prosperity.  We have other incense products like Agnihotra, Dhoop sticks & cones. Each of our products has a usage and benefits guide inside the pack .So we are here for you with all our products and hopefully someday see you in store !



thepureincense aims to manufacture and distribute incense products embedded with  best quality and preserve  heritage. Our handmade natural products are driven by a single, overarching goal — touch everyone’s life .


Our aim is to bring best quality fragrances into your life with a hope to brighten your rituals – may it be religious, relaxation, meditation or for aromatherapy. We want our fragrances to be companion of your day to day which covers every mood and occasion. We want our customers to be our family and we plan to visit each of you and show our process and love for incense.

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