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  • Elevate your gifting game with this perfect gift set that includes variety of handrolled incense sticks (fragrances listed below) in one pack and an elegant incense Holder. Each of the above pack is 25 g. (25 x 4 to 6 = 100 g to 150gm) So it is also great value pack for you ..

    Option 1 (Pure Premium with Incense holder ) -100gm

    1) Sandalwood Calm

    2) Holy Flora  made with Red Sandalwood 

    3) Devotion  made with Sandalwood and has hints of Vanilla

    4) Rain will keep you grounded and calm

    Option 2 (Herbal Fusion with Incense Holder)-100gm

    1) Sage

    2) Lavendar

    3)Holy Basil 

    4) Dhoop

    Option 3 ( Omnscence Our Scented treat with Incense holder)-150gm

    1) Jasmine

    2) Mystqiue

    3) Plumeria

    4)Kewra Or Musk Allure

    5)Mallige Or Blossom

    6) Sandalwood

    Incense Gift Aroma pack

    $18.50 Regular Price
    $15.73Sale Price

    15% above 50$

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