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Dhoop Cones Air and/or Spiritual fresheners

Incense in this cone form burns relatively quickly. Incense in cones form were invented in Japan in the 1800s but incense is being used in different form in ancient times. Typical incense cones are made in a very similar way to incense without a core. Continuing with the metaphor above, you could think of it as being a different shape of “pasta” if you’d like. Instead of forming the paste into the long, thin stick shape, incense paste is placed into cone shaped molds, removed, then allowed to dry. Incense cones burn faster because they are much thicker than incense sticks, so at any time the amount of surface being burnt is much more than an incense stick. Burn time can be max 25 minutes. If you want to give your home a quick boost of scent, incense cones would be great. Light then up about 5min before guests arrive, and they will be greeted with the scent as they walk through the door. It’s better and natural than any Air fresheners now a days gets used in the homes. Air fresheners is full of chemical which you spray everywhere why not to try natural way of making home welcoming as our ancestors did when human was much closer to nature. Our body is made of chemicals and absorbing some chemicals can be very soothing. This is a great example when you burn natural incense.

Now if we make this Natural Incense cones with cow dung instead of charcoal it does boost other benefits with it. Cow dung when burnt emits ethylene oxide, propylene oxide and other elements that will purify the air and also increase the oxygen content and thus builds antibacterial and anti-viral resistance in your body. Its important to know cow dung should be free from pesticides and any other chemicals in making them. Now a days due to labor involved many folks stay away from this labor-intensive process even if its give lot of value for added cost. Take the dried cow dung in a mixing bowl. Add the desired herbs and flowers, finely ground or in powder form, to the cow dung. Gradually introduce the natural binding agent, such as jaggery, to the mixture. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly until they form a uniform and pliable dough-like consistency. Burning these incense sticks may help keep mosquitoes and other insects away. Spiritual Significance: In many cultures, burning cow dung dhoop batti is considered a sacred practice and is believed to purify the environment and create a positive spiritual ambiance.

Here in pure incense for the same reasons we do have them for you. Scent will not be prominent but very calming and light, so no one feels overwhelmed with it. Light the cones and feel the difference.

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