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Do you know your Incense and why local makers?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

We have been doing this business for last hundred years and one thing we learned we can not make all customers happy with each fragrance. Its like food recipe there is no guarantee it will be adored and liked by each individual. Fragrance is also tied up with your memories , culture ,moment and surroundings. As we also get some customer who are very picky and turn away from us which we accept as reality of this business but thankfully that's very rare. And that's also because there is lot of misunderstanding and lack of awareness. Here we built some education and being smart in this market by having this FAQ. Trust the process ! :-

1) Does incense go bad?

== No and yes . No If its incense made from natural scent with no mixture of chemical to enhance. It should lose its intensity spread but that process is not rapid . Its takes at least few months. Also losing scent is also what raw material you used so there is many factor. But important thing is your incense should lose its scent as its shelf life increases and some time there is subtle differences. That's good sign. Also if your getting to market is quick vs sitting in shipping containers for month make big difference. But shipping container is much cheaper so that's main factor some of big incense corporate can make big dent in their costing. Do they care about quality and heatlh vs making money from bulk market?

2) Can we say best quality incense are same each time in fragrance and never loses spread ?

==> No . Its like saying we get always same from nature. This can only happen if your base is chemical as that never changes. There is many incense in market which are cheap doesn't lose it that's not because of quality control & reason is something else. Its like food shelf life can only be increase by adding lot of preservatives MSGs and additives. Is that good for inhalation vs price - you have to decide?

3) Why some incense are expensive vs others?

= There is many factor . One main factor is what's raw material used. Did they used scent more or added some other chemical or dipping chemical, synthetic ambrette to make it cheaper. Sandalwood and essential oils are very very expensive. So how someone can be make them so cheap ?

Other factor can affect is also what's their shipping modes, making process child poor labor vs being local many factors. Best thing in this business if you have access to direct manufacturer. Lot of time its big incense company flooding market with different names and brands killing small business. Fifty scents or dollar more can kill someone pocket but it also kill good quality small business market of real quality incense making & your health.

4) Can Incense should be lot fragrant?

= No it should be like flower scent should be subtle and spread slowly. It should not be overwhelming.

5) Why incense quality can be different?

= As we cant control nature and its supply. Some time its good show vs not very good. Important thing is it has deep fragrance and some spread. You can put on two sticks instead of one stick if you buy from your trusted local business.

6) What best incense for me?

= No-one has answer for it .. Its just you who can decide. Some customer like something other hates. We could not able to figure out that psychology but its definitely complex and very hard to crack in. But if you know your customer fragrance inclination you can definitely know what we can recommend them.

7) Is it possible that we as individual cant smell some of fragrances and some lot?

= Yes some are very sensitive to scent and some are not. This is very hard market. Some of our fragrance is perfect for some. For some its very overwhelming and for some they don't smell anything. Some folks notice changes quick and some don't. We welcome all our customer feedback . Some we do address some we cant :( . So Its all about experiencing each fragrance and see what fits for your taste.

8) Does Dhoop Cones burn quickly and spread is not enough?

= That's correct . Dhoop in cone shape burn quickly in 20 mins. Idea is to get bust of fragrance in space around. Unlike sticks as they burn quickly if you need longer spread you might have to burn 2-3 of them or burn them one after one like they do in temple or any ritual. Also cone don't have enough to absorb scent and emit it out so if those are natural ones fragrance should be just enough not like sticks. If lot bust of fragrance coming and spread is lingering for longer time that means something is not natural in your cone.

9) Does some dhoop cone doesn't burn completely?

=Yes some doesn't as the last layer of it might not get enough oxygen as burnt layer keep accumulating on top. So that can happen to some of them for many reasons but in very limited qty .

10) What incense typically customer like?

= Incense sticks does great job spreading fragrance. As burn time is longer and lot of goodness can be rolled over stick. And also when stick burn it supports the spread of scent wrapped around it. Its like putting things in Havan or on wood. So customers who like fragrance to stay around longer love incense sticks. Cones are normally short bust of fragrance and just like freshener linger for some time. But its more divine and soothing. Lot of customer who are in rituals and just need that soothing experience go for it. Dhoop Sticks are second form which is thick with no Bamboo. They sit right in middle of both and I personally like the fragrance of it as stick is longer than cone. It burns longer than cone less than stick.

11) Why chose the pure incense?

= Well because I am not here to become big brand in market. I have no ambition to go there so I am not big in profit bulk making approach. We stay small local and do what I feel best for well being of our customers and stay closer to them. We try to make something for each one of you. I am just here to carry on our heritage till we can and show market how it should be .


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