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Using Herbal Incense Sticks - Why use it? Should we use it? Which one?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In any old tradition our ancestors have shown their devotion to the almighty through diverse rituals and traditions for centuries. If you don't believe in Almighty ,do you believe in sense of calmness which sometime feels sweeter than long night sleep .The holiness and purity of the soul which pathway is through mind attracts unwanted energies from our surroundings. It also needs force of calmness and balance which can be through olfactory sense and Using Herbal Incense Sticks does that magic. Whenever we stand in front of our customers lot of folks ask the question what about chemicals incense sticks releases. Its important to know what it releases? We all need chemical as our human body is made of chemicals. It will be problem if you say I want to stay away from it. You will not exist ! Some folks say we have allergies but how-come other chemicals they consume to prevent allergies works for their body? Or is this something they always missed out which their body cried for ? Who knows did they experienced it ?

Of course its not good if you get into incense sticks which are cheaper because ingredients used are not standard. Its like adding MSG in food as enhancer but neglect effect on body . We always suggest to understand all this process of making incense Always ask question how-come some incense sticks which are cheaper why they are so cheap how that's possible as you know making scent of ingredient is expensive. Ask the manufacturer? Are they accessible to you ?Are they made in traditional way so it has all goodness. If human hand can interact with making process then its definitely safer and fuller with scent. Something to think about?

Herbal Incense old tradition
Using Herbal Incense Sticks

We are not here to tell what to buy why to buy or you should buy it ? But we always challenge folks to experience it as you might be missing out on 6000 old science to make your mind clam and balanced. Always be curious and mindful. That means see how your mind react to each fragrance or scent . Does it feels heavy for you or soothing? Every person is different and has different experience so make your mind pathway to soul to make that decision. Make experience as your judge and not what media or anyone tells you .Don't lose out on science which is invented because it was so close to our nature god!


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