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Yogic Pure Incense

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Yog which is called as unison of Mind and Body. It's about how you can always keep yourself balanced in things you do in day to day life. And Mind plays a big role in yog. Everything you do should be mindful. As we see our body, we are health conscious and always focus there. But we lose out on Mind as its behind scenes. Same time It's not easy to keep a monkey mind focused close to impossible.

Yogic the pure incense

Any Yogi in ancient times staying close to nature use to keep mind at ease and away from wandering. Fragrance of wood or flowers also plays a big trick on mind to mesmerize in abundance of that incense. Are we that lucky now to experience that by staying in big houses?. But I guess our ancestors also found a way to spread that same fragrance in your life. And this 6000 old science of burning incense says it all .Buddhists regard incense as “divine odor,” and its smell is meant to evoke the presence of Buddhist divinities. Burning incense sticks works as a sensory way to sanctify the space and offer behaviors with mindfulness and awareness. The smoke of burning incense is interpreted by both the Western Catholic and Eastern Christian churches as a symbol of the prayer of the faithful rising to heaven. This symbolism is seen in Psalm 141 (140), verse 2: "Let my prayer be directed as incense in thy sight: the lifting up of my hands, as evening sacrifice.". In Vedic tradition Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct and reminds us to cultivate good conduct. Incense has the power to cleanse negative energy, ease tension, and elevate your meditative state.

Through experimentation, scientists figured out there was an active compound in incense known as incensole acetate. This compound was then given to mice in a controlled setting. Researchers noticed that the incense compound actually had a dual effect: it was an anti-inflammatory, and it boosted their mood significantly. Armed with this information, they began to probe a little deeper. It turns out that incense activates areas in the brain that were almost unknown until that point.

We always believe our ancestors figured things out by mindfulness and that's how they always believed in it .There is different meditation you perform with incense . Some also meditate on the flame of purified candles (no wax) with pleasant fragrance or Light an incense stick of your choice preferably a calming/soothing and begin by noticing the subtle scent of incense as the smoke reaches your nose. Study the scent, try to identify individual ingredients and look for the nuances in the scent. Is it sweet, spicy, woody, floral? Just taking time to appreciate the aroma and study what you’re smelling is a powerful form of mindfulness. Or keep looking at fragrant smoke and try to observe how it jell in the atmosphere or look at that red dot on an incense stick how it burns.

There's no doubt Fragrance is a stimulant. It acts on the Olfactory senses – one of the five senses that can alter anybody’s being. It triggers specific responses. Scents/Fragrances help create specific results – it is Therapeutic, healing and classifying. And so with mindfulness if you introduce incense in your day to day life it will give you big boost to that balance of mind and help pave a way to yogic balance so truly its yogic incense.

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